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Transforming Michigan Homes

Your Trusted Choice for Home Painting in Michigan

A painting company like ours stands as a guardian for your walls and ceilings, ensuring their lasting beauty and protection.

Professional Painting Contractors in Michigan

Our Michigan-based painting company stands out for homeowners seeking excellence. As one of the leading painting services in Michigan, we consistently outshine the competition. We offer affordable prices without compromising on quality, making us a top choice for those familiar with the industry. Our expert team ensures unparalleled results, setting us apart as the preferred option for discerning clients. Experience our services firsthand and see why so many choose to return.

Uncover Premier Painting Services

Choosing a painting service in Michigan is more than just finding a contractor; it's about entrusting your home to skilled artisans who understand the essence of craftsmanship. We bring a blend of expertise and passion to every project, inspired by Michigan's rich artistic heritage and natural beauty. From the tranquil shores of the Great Lakes to the vibrant cities steeped in history, our painting reflects the colors and textures that define Michigan. Experience our dedication to quality and client satisfaction firsthand, and see why we're the preferred choice for homeowners who appreciate the artistry in every brushstroke.

Services Curated for You

Our offerings are carefully chosen to provide you with the superior and reasonably priced painting service that you deserve. Attempt now and dive in.

Interior Painting Service

365 Painting transforms interiors, merging creativity and precision for vibrant, personality-infused spaces that captivate and endure.

Residential Painting Service

Elevate your exteriors with 365 Painting, where precision and style combine for impactful, lasting transformations of commercial spaces.

Commercial Painting Service

Experience luxury underfoot with 365 Painting’s residential epoxy flooring. Our team combines durability with style and transforms floors into masterpieces.


Colorful Paints, Happy Clients

Working with 365 Painting was a fantastic transformation for my space. Professional, efficient, and with an artistic flair that exceeded my expectations. They truly understand the language of colors!

Robert Thompson

The Discerning Business Owner

From playful nurseries to stylish teen rooms, 365 Painting made each space magical for my growing family. Their commitment to quality and safety sets them apart. Highly recommended for family-friendly designs!

Emily Bennett

The Delighted Parent

365 Painting brought my vision to life! Their attention to detail and vibrant color choices transformed my home into a masterpiece. I’m forever grateful for their exceptional work!

Sophie Rodriguez

The Enthusiastic Homeowner

As a CEO, I value precision and aesthetics. 365 Painting delivered on both fronts, creating a workplace that boosts productivity while impressing the clients. Exceptional craftsmanship and top-notch professionalism.

David Foster

The Satisfied CEO
Why Choose us

Converting Your Michigan Home with Expert Painting

Not every painting company can capture the essence of Michigan's unique aesthetic on your walls. It takes skilled professionals who understand the blend of natural beauty and historical richness that defines our state. Fortunately, our team is comprised of such experts. We offer their services at a competitive rate while ensuring each project is executed with meticulous attention to detail. Your walls will receive the care they deserve, backed by our state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to excellence. Discover the expertise of our professionals today and witness the difference they can make in your home.